All strategies are managed according to one investment philosophy. The Firm forecasts returns and risk on equity securities globally and can tailor equity portfolios to meet specific investor requirements. Products are aggregated into the following broad categories:

  • Global & Non-US

    Portfolios can be constructed in both global and regional markets such as:

    • ACWI
    • World
    • World ex U.S.
    • EAFE
    • ACWI ex U.S.
    • World Small Cap
  • Emerging Markets

    The Firm's one investment philosophy extends to the Emerging Markets strategy, which has been managed since 2009.

  • U.S. Equity

    Portfolios can be constructed along the full market capitalization spectrum, including:

    • All Cap
    • Large Cap
    • Mid Cap
    • Small Cap
  • Managed Volatility

    Strategies designed to maximize return and minimize total risk. Managed volatility strategies are available in:

    • Global
    • World
    • Europe
    • Emerging Markets
    • Single Country (U.K., U.S. etc.)
  • Active Extension and Long Short

    Utilizing flexibility in Long Short investing, we are able to seek higher levels of alpha.

    • Active Extension
    • Market Neutral
  • Custom

    We collaborate with clients to create custom portfolios including:

    • Tilted Portfolio
    • Momentum Portfolio
    • Deep Value
    • Regional
    • Market Capitalization

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